Vehicle Graphics/Wraps

Troyer Signs Inc.

Vehicle advertising is one of the most effective marketing investments your company can make! When potential customers see your professionally lettered truck or van driving around town or at a job site, they will recognize and remember you.

A distinct design for your company's vehicles is an investment that will attract new clients which in turn will pay for itself in a matter of months.

If you have one truck or one hundred trucks, you can utilize your vehicles to promote your business by sending a message to thousands of motorists each day!

Whether you are a two person construction company or a Fortune 500 corporation, the value of vehicle advertising is the same. No other form of advertising offers as low a cost per visual impression as vehicle lettering. You already own the space; why not use it to promote your company? With the addition of our digital printer we can give your vehicle a custom look that sets you apart from the competition.